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Together with Chatham Printing Cooperative, Wyrm is printing and distributing posters in protest of the US-funded apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.

Posters are available for free and shipped for free. The posters are unbranded and you will not be added to our mailing list.


Each poster is risograph printed on 11x17 white paper and is shipped in a rigid mailer.


We recommend ordering in multiples, rather than a one-off poster, as shipping is our greatest expense. Order as many as you like.

*Posters are now sold out, however, if you're interested in printing your own posters, Chatham Printing Cooperative's digital files are available upon request.*

Poster, End Israeli Apartheid Free Palestine

Fall 2023

Risograph printed by Chatham Printing Cooperative. We recommend ordering between 5-20 posters. 

11 x 17 inches

0.00 USD

Sold Out


Wyrm is grown in Hudson, NY with support from Whistle Down Farm. Our tasty vegetables are available through our farm share, distributed weekly from July 1 - October 7 from the Swiss Institute in New York, New York.


Wyrm operates under the community supported agriculture (CSA) model, a production and marketing model whereby consumers act as shareholders of a farm’s harvest. Members commit to supporting our farm project at the beginning of the growing season. In return, they receive essential goods: vegetables and literature.


Wyrm’s farm share includes:

15 weeks of organic produce

2 issues of Wyrm Magazine

Bonus surprises.


Each pre-packed share contains organic vegetables to comfortably feed 2 people.


It is priced at $500, or $33 per week.


Presented under the headers of science fiction and fantasy, Wyrm Magazine releases open and close our growing season. 

The project is small in scale and scope, publishing biannually (Winter/Spring, Summer/Fall) in editions of 100.

We distribute primarily through our CSA. A portion of copies are available for public purchase.

wyrm cover.png

Wyrm Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1

Summer/Fall 2022 

With writing by Alyssa Moore, Brandon Shimoda, Er Linsker, Filip Marinovich, Imani Elizabeth Jackson, J. Gordon Faylor, Mark von Schlegell, Morgan Vo, Oli Hazzard, & Terrence Arjoon. With drawings by Farnoosh Fathi.



62 pages

5.25 x 7.625 inches

Edition of 100


December 2022

ISSN: 2834-2747

15.00 USD

Sold Out

wyrm cover 4.2.png

Wyrm Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2023 

With writing by Joseph Buckley, Samuel R. Delany, Alex Luis Freundlich, Ed Halter, Anastasios Karnazes, Dorothea Lasky, Willa Smart, and Theadore Sturgeon. 

With images by Michael Bussell and Wretched Worm. 



88 pages

5.25 x 7.625 inches

Edition of 100


July 2023

ISSN: 2834-2747

15.00 USD

Sold Out

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